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77 Binter Street
Fort Knox, KY

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Fort Knox

Fort Knox Kentucky is the home of the US Army Armor Center and the US Army Recruiting Command. Fort Knox is 35 miles south of Louisville, KY. The population of Ft Knox, which is considered a military base and a city is 23,000 people. This includes all soldiers and family members along with civilians that work and live there.

At Fort Knox, the Armor Center and School, trains both the Marines and Army personnel. ROTC for the Eastern command is also located in FT Knox.

Fort Knox for civilians is mainly known for their Bullion Depository. This is a fortified vault located near Fort Knox, Kentucky which stores a large portion of the United States gold reserves.

Fort Knox holds 4,570 tons of gold bullion. The Gold vault is located under the ominous building at Fort Knox. The US Bullion Depository was completed in 1936. The US Treasury Department is in charge of Fort Knox.

Gold is rarely removed from Fort Knox. The only gold is removed in very small quantities to be tested for purity.

At different times since Fort Knox was built, it housed such items as at The Articles of Confederation, the Gettysburg address, and The Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately no visitors are allowed at the US Bullion Depository. The closest you can get is the military base at Fort Knox.